Hurricane and wind damage, hailstorm or ice damage, damage from fallen tree branches and electric light poles, or even the odd car going through the roof kind of damage caused by your teenage son, drunk driver, or freakish accident. These are some of the roofing emergency situation you can find yourself in and we can handle.

In emergency roof repairs like those stated above, you require a qualified roofing professional that can examine the damage, give you an estimate, and make prompt repairs to safeguard your home or office structure. We can advise you on what is the best solution for your situation, plus work with your home insurance company to provide a long lasting repair or roof replacement, if the situation warrants it.

Our Sarasota Roofing Services pros can manage any emergency roofing repairs or new roof installation. If the damages is severe, we could also deal with a total brand-new roof installation.

Insurance companies always require written estimates before they can pay for the designated roof repair. We always give comprehensive quotes and estimates that your insurance company needs to be able to payout your insurance policy. We know the industry lingo and we can help you through any sort of roofing emergency situation. In addition, our roofing estimates are 100% free of charge, so call today to safeguard your precious home investment now.

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Not all Sarasota roofing contractors are the same. At Sarasota Roofing Services, we make the effort to visually examine your roof. That means we will climb up to the roof to determine what kind of damage has been caused and advise what is the best solution for you.

We say this because some roofing assessors do not climb a ladder for a close-up visual examination. They perform their inspections from the ground. We do not ever do that to our clients, because how can you know what you are dealing with unless you first examine the damaged roof and then provide the best cost estimate and solution, that you as a valued customer needs and deserves?

High quality service, professional installation, and attention to detail are extremely important to us at Sarasota Roofing Services. Our roofers will certainly do the job professionally. We also provide a satisfaction guarantee, because not only do we want to earn your trust and business, we also want your family and friends to know about us, and the kind of exceptional service we always provide. So that they can know their roof and their biggest investment are in good hands, if ever they are in need of emergency roof repairs.

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